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Preparing to treat the next pandemic, now.

Our Mission

The INTREPID Alliance exists to accelerate the development of new treatments for emerging viral pandemic agents.

Our mission is to deliver a medicine chest of 25 novel, late-stage therapeutic candidates — principally orally available small molecules — designed to target viral pathogens posing the greatest risk of becoming pandemic threats.

Led by the biopharmaceutical industry, and working with the public and private not-for-profit sectors, INTREPID will bridge the gap between early-stage discovery and late-stage clinical confirmation, approval and manufacturing

Development of small molecule antivirals takes time. If we wait for the next pandemic to start, it will be too late.”

Elliott Levy, MD
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Luck is not a strategy. Humanity is likely to face new forms of respiratory pathogens that hold the potential to become pandemics – in our lifetime.”

Andy Plump, PhD


COVID-19 caught the world off-guard. It shouldn’t have.

Harbingers of infectious viral pandemics, such as H1N1, SARS, Ebola and MERS had all emerged in the first two decades of the 21st century. Despite these devastating warnings, governments and societies across the world still lack promising therapeutic tools that could be rapidly and sustainably scaled at a global level should another infectious viral pandemic emerge.

Globalization and common sense suggest humanity will face new forms of respiratory pathogens that hold the potential to become pandemics. What we can’t predict is the lethality, timing and virulence. Vaccines and monoclonal anti-bodies proved effective against SARS-COV-2, however, their development, cost and scale have limited their use in many of the world’s most populous nations. Antiviral, small-molecule drugs are a critical tool to protect societies.

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History has shown efforts to prevent infectious epidemics wane after the immediate crisis ebbs. We can’t let history repeat itself again; we can do something to stop it.”

Elliott Levy, MD

Intrepid Approach

Filling the world’s medicine chest to prevent infectious viral pandemics

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In a pandemic, small-molecule antivirals can be used to reduce morbidity and mortality, and slow transmission and the development of resistance variants. Small molecule antivirals can be produced rapidly and in a cost-effective manner at a global scale in existing facilities, but they require years to discover and develop, so research and development work must begin now.

INTREPID will develop 25 high-quality therapeutic candidates that have completed Phase 1 studies in humans and are ready for entry into confirmatory Phase 2/3 trials upon identification of new pandemic agents.

Our efforts focus on development therapeutic assets for coronavirus and other high-risk respiratory viral families, including those recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as posing a high risk of causing a pandemic.

The end result:

A medicine chest of small-molecule therapies that can be immediately confirmed in late-stage trials if a high-risk pathogen begins to spread in humans.

How we achieve

Our mission

The INTREPID Alliance brings together three core activities to fill the gaps within today's pandemic preparedness ecosystem.

Our Model provides:

Enhanced pre-competitive collaboration: In collaboration with partners in other sectors, members of the Alliance engage in pre-competitive collaboration, data sharing and capability development, to accelerate our understanding of viral targets and increase the likelihood of identifying promising chemical leads.

Meaningful commitments to in-house R&D: Individual life sciences companies with established capabilities in virology will commit to meaningful investments in discovery and development of antiviral agents targeting potential pandemic agents of highest concern.

Launch of an investment fund: A fund will focus on directing investment toward promising, high-need areas. The fund will facilitate the transfer of promising discoveries from academic labs to small companies, spin-offs and start-ups. The fund will have the ability to invest in programs addressing novel targets and utilizing innovative technologies.

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